Benjamin Whitmer


“There is, in painting, the ‘outrenoir’ of Pierre Soulages and, in literature, that of Benjamin Whitmer, similarly incised with flashes of light.” — Macha Séry, Le Monde

“Whitmer’s style hits you, then slowly gnaws at your soul.” — Pierre Lemaitre

“An American Dickens.” — La Croix

“One of the most gifted American novelists of the younger generation.” — François Busnel, La Grande Librairie

“The master of neonoir.” — La Chronique d’Amnesty International

“The problem with Benjamin Whitmer is that I think to myself, ‘That’s great, but the next one can’t be as good as what I just read,’ and in fact, it is.” — Elise Lépine, France Culture

“Whitmer saves what remains to be saved: the indomitable melancholy of the margins.” — Le Un

“Benjamin Whitmer turns the human condition to acid, between mad love and visceral hatred.” — Livre Hebdo

“Whitmer is an author without concession in his subject, which perfectly illustrates the noir novel (with him, even the snowflakes are gray). He denounces the violence inherent in a certain category of an American population entrenched behind puritanical and traditionalist values.” — L’Est Republicain

“In the spirit of Jim Harrison, the American Benjamin Whitmer brilliantly draws large spaces and small men.” — Karin Cherloneix, Ouest France

“Whitmer is an exceptional stylist and a genius of the noir novel.” — Le Figaro Magazine

“Benjamin Whitmer is what would happen if Shakespeare had fucked Ellroy.” — Olivier Marchal