Dead Stars

Colorado, 1986. Dominated by the Stonewall company and its federally funded plutonium factory, Plainview is a town totally dependent on its sole employer. This is where Hack Turner, a blue-collar worker, lives with his children: his seventeen-year-old daughter Nat, and his fourteen-year-old son Randy. One evening when Hack is away, Nat calls her father to tell him that Randy is missing. Three days of frantic searching follow, during which the town of Plainview turns against the Turner family. The shadow of Hack’s father has loomed over the town for decades, and now Hack has revealed secrets about the plutonium factory after a friend was injured in an accident. The dangerous truth about the factory threatens to shake the foundation of the town apart, just as the truths uncovered about the Turners threaten to do the same to the family.

Available: France

French translation by Jacques Mailhos.

"Dead Stars is an autopsy of rural and working America in the eighties." — Livres Hebdo

"For more than ten years, Whitmer has only signed masterpieces. Let's salute the flair of Éditions Gallmeister: the works of this immense writer are not even published in his own country." — Le Figaro Magazine

"To the rhythm of slow blues charged with electricity, Benjamin Whitmer depicts his characters fighting against doubt, violence and radioactive nightmare." — L'Alsace

"All that remains for these characters, as for dead stars, is their hard core: their luminous shine disappears over the course of their tragic existence."— Les Notes