Le Point: How France became the sanctuary of boycotted American authors

A fireplace flames happily in the heart of winter. Its fuel? The work of American writer Benjamin Whitmer . “I’m burning all my notes, because I’ve just sent Oliver Gallmeister the last volume […] of my trilogy. Oliver Gallmeister takes care of my career, distributes my books in Europe , allows me to devote myself exclusively to writing […] Without him, I would have stopped writing years ago,” writes the

Le Monde: “Both the brutality and everyday violence of police work are completely ignored in American books about policing”

My best friend, Paul Schenck, was murdered by the police. The short version is that he was killed in his small apartment, terrified and alone, surrounded by nearly a hundred police and SWAT officers , in armored vehicles and a helicopter. He’d had a rough day and long struggled with alcoholism and mental illness, and when the local police showed up to investigate a disturbance, they picked a shootout with